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Mango Cream Cake

Mango Cream Cake


Dive into a slice of heaven with our mango cream cake! Experience the sensation of real whipped cream cheese icing melting in your mouth, accompanied by a perfectly moist and not too sweet cake. You won't be able to resist. Baked fresh in-store with locally sourced ingredients, our Mango Cream Cake embodies Primera Bakeshop's commitment to quality and flavour. Perfect for any celebration or a delightful treat, this cake showcases the excellence you expect from your trusted local wholesale bakery.

  • 6" Round (4-8 Servings)

    8" Round (8-15 Servings)

    10" Round (15-30 Servings)

    8" x 12" Slab Cake (30-40 Servings)

    12" x 16" Slab Cake (40-60 Servings)

    16" x 24" Slab Cake (60-120 Servings) 

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